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chahed-uc said: Keira knightley on the profile picture made me follow without thinking lol nice blog

Oh Nice blog too. I’m following your blog now. Keira knightley is an excellent actress. I’m glad she had acted someone extraordinary as Elizabeth Bennet.

Kisses, Patricia by Jane Austen Time.


lifeoftheelapie said: As you may have taken notice- I have just become a huge fan of this blog! Keep up the splendid work :D P.s- have you watched the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice? Its my favourite. X

Thank you very much. I love getting these messages. Lovely fan I’m following your blog now. *.*

P&P It’s my book and Movie favorite. Impressive, but not watched yet. My deep love for Jane Austen began when I saw the movie P&P (2005). I was so impressed with the film and the story, I thought everything was perfect, the actors, the places. I loved everything. I intend to see, I loved both the film, I tried not to see the BBC version before. But other versions of Jane Austen that the BBC did was perfect, off P & P, i watched all. The version of “Emma”, ​​oh my gosh, it was everything I imagined when I was reading.

Kisses, Patricia by Jane Austen Time.


tumbledoring said: hey, I've just read Pride and Prejudice and now I want to read more Jane Austen books. But I'm worried now where I've read P&P that I got too high expectations on the other books. Can you advice me a good book from Jane which I should read next? Your blog is very lovely and I hope you got a nice day :)

Thank you. Lovely blog too. + Follow *.*

P&P is certainly the best work of her. It’s my favorite. But, I love his other books also. I recommend to you “Persuasion”, i loved reading this book, has a fantastic story. And I say without fear that you would not regret reading. It was the last book she wrote and clearly realized when his writing has evolved.

Kisses, Patricia by Jane Austen Time

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Anonymous said: Where are you from?

I’m from Brazil!!!  : )))


austenobsessed said: This is seriously my favourite blog! What jane austen hero is your favourite and why? :)

What I like the heroines of Jane Austen and each has a particular trait, are women of strong personalities. Although predictable, my favorite heroine is Elizabeth Bennet, thanks to Pride and Prejudice I fell for my beloved Austen. It’s Lizzie not to be the most famous, but because of who she, strong and independent, different from other women, and I’ve always been like, I identify with her. I always liked to read books with personage determined. I love Elizabeth Bennet with his sarcastic and sincere way, particularly what I most like about her. She’s rational, but only did what his heart allowed, did not let corrupt. She is my inspiration.

By: Patricia, Jane Austen Time.

9th of September 2014

withgunsandroses said: your blog is so amazing it is one of my favourites! i can't stop reblogging from you haha :) if you have any time could you please check out my blog?

Oh My Goshh, I loved it. Followw! These images are perfect for wallpapers from my computer and cell phone. Kisses :3    

By: Patricia, Jane Austen Time.

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