22nd of September 2014
10th of September 2014

Anonymous said: Where are you from?

I’m from Brazil!!!  : )))


austenobsessed said: This is seriously my favourite blog! What jane austen hero is your favourite and why? :)

What I like the heroines of Jane Austen and each has a particular trait, are women of strong personalities. Although predictable, my favorite heroine is Elizabeth Bennet, thanks to Pride and Prejudice I fell for my beloved Austen. It’s Lizzie not to be the most famous, but because of who she, strong and independent, different from other women, and I’ve always been like, I identify with her. I always liked to read books with personage determined. I love Elizabeth Bennet with his sarcastic and sincere way, particularly what I most like about her. She’s rational, but only did what his heart allowed, did not let corrupt. She is my inspiration.

By: Patricia, Jane Austen Time.

9th of September 2014

withgunsandroses said: your blog is so amazing it is one of my favourites! i can't stop reblogging from you haha :) if you have any time could you please check out my blog?

Oh My Goshh, I loved it. Followw! These images are perfect for wallpapers from my computer and cell phone. Kisses :3    

By: Patricia, Jane Austen Time.


dashwooddays said: Hi! I saw from your tumblr that you love Jane Austen. We have created a modern adaption for Sense and Sensibility on youtube. Would you mind checking it out?

I really loveeeed your tumblr, you’re so cute!! *-* Excellent adaptation, continue. Will follow. I will send messages about the videos. Kisses ♥

29th of June 2014
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